About Us

About Cura Integrative Medicine

In everything we do, we strive to work with INTEGRITY! Redefined!

It is why we get up in the morning - it is our driving force.

Our passion and love for what we do fuels everything we do!

That passion drives us to provide our patients with a unique and extraordinary experience and services that will help transform their health on all levels. Whether it is a consult for an acute illness or something you have had for a long time, we are here to create value for you, simplify the process, and to have a little fun along the way. Yes…we said fun!It is easy for us to have fun because we love wellness (honestly – we’re not kidding). We understand that not everyone understands wellness as much as us so we are here to help YOU.With the application of years of accumulated nutrition, diet and healthy lifestyle knowledge, our affiliation with the leading functional pathology laboratories, and clever use of traditional medicine, you will receive the holistic healthcare you need to maximise your wellness. 

Giving Health Back

We love giving health and especially those that need it (and our patients do too!). We are a certified giving business with B1G1 and with the help of our patients we have given to a range of health charities around the world with contributions growing each day. We help a range of causes, including parasite treatment to children in India, vitamin supplements to pregnant women in Africa and clean drinking water in Africa.

b1g1 certified contributorb1g1

In the Media

Here we are in the media.

The Good health magazine wrote an article on epigenetics and weight loss. The article was a great 3 page spread on the Cura clinic and nutritional DNA testing.

Media for Cura Integrative MedicineMedia for Cura Integrative Medicine

We were also in the Offspring magazine with an article on naturopathic health, hair mineral analysis and children's health.

Cura Integrative medicine in Offspring

The Claremont Medical Centre

The buliding combines a range of integrative medicine services.  There are over 10 GPs on the lower ground level, a dentist and pathology collection centre on the ground floor. On the first floor there are several clinical psychologists, podiatrist, massage therapistt and naturopaths.By providing a combination of conventional medicine with evidence-based natural medicine, we seek to solve the root of the problem. Integrative medicine gives the patients the best from both worlds. Many of our patients have exhausted conventional health care resources and we offer hope and solutions for a wide range of complex and troubling health issues. 

About Shannon (Director)

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I am a full member of NHAA, ARONAH and ANTA

  • Accredited by the ANTA and NHAA Board - recognised as having adopted the highest standards of accreditation in Australia.

  • Authorised by Australian Health Regulations to recommend / prescribe practitioner only nutritional and herbal medicines / supplements not available over the counter

Shannon can help and is confident in helping patients with the following:

  • Allergies & Food Sensitivities

  • Digestive health issues

  • Excessive tiredness & Fatigue

  • Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

  • Autoimmune & Immune Issues

  • Autism & Behavioural Disorders

  • Childhood Nutrition

  • Nutritional AssessmentsTreatment Support for Cancer

  • Fertility & Preconception care

  • Complex Cases with little success from Orthodox medicine

Shannon Burford Naturopath